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Standard Bottleshots

Wineographic creates professional standard bottleshots, both in High Resolution and in website size, suitable for all of your printed and digital communication, marketing, websites, digital stores, social media, catalogs, etc... 


Proper images of your wines are essential in the digital era, either for sharing with your importers, distributors and clients, printed and digital magazines, press reviews and much more! 

They are delivered as:

                     -  JPG format on white or black background

                     -  PNG format on transparent background

                     -  PDF (on request)

             "ThDigital Revolution is far more significant than the invention of writing, and even of printing.

D. Carl Engelbartwas

Photoshop edit 2.jpg

We put special attention into:

     - Dust removal and bottle preparation

     - Right alignment, proportions and symmetry

     - Shaping of the bottle with side light strips

     - Proper light exposure of the label details and capsule

     - Proper lightning of the liquid  (important for white or rosé wines)

     - Avoiding unwanted glass reflections

     - Post-processing. We compose the parts of the bottle in Photoshop, detailed cropping of the bottle shape, dust and             imperfections removal, color correction, resizing...

How does it work?

1- Contact Us
2- Deliver your bottles
3- Your images are ready!
Tell us more about your needs and we will arrange everything we need to get started.
1- You personally deliver the bottles into our studio, or
2- You arrange a shipping of the bottles to our studio using your preferred transportation method. It must include a prepaid postage to return the items, or
3- We arrange a pick-up. Transportation fees will apply depending on the distance.

In less than 10 working days your images will be ready to download from the private gallery and they will continue to be available online during 1 year.
henever you need them, they will be always ready to use!
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